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A-Industries Workwear & Textiles specializes in designing and producing custom-made workwear, corporate identity clothing, and certified protective garments with a focus on sustainability. 

With production facilities in Europe, Turkey, and the Far East, we create high-quality, comfortable clothing tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our comprehensive services include in-house design, careful material selection, and close monitoring of the production process to ensure optimal fit and finish.

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A-Industries Workwear & Textiles, established in 2004, specializes in designing and producing custom-made workwear, corporate identity clothing, and certified workwear with a sustainable mindset. We offer various services shown below. Are you curious about your options? Contact us.


Corporate clothing refers to attire worn in the workplace that is typically provided by the employer to the employee. This includes items such as polos, softshells, work pants, overalls, and jackets, which do not need to meet the standards required for protective workwear. If the clothing is provided free of charge to the employee, it must feature visible logos totaling 70 cm², in accordance with the tax regulations. This ensures that the clothing can be provided tax-free unless it is clearly only suitable for work-related activities or remains at the workplace after work. The logos are applied based on the company's branding and customer preferences.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity clothing encompasses various company-branded apparel elements and represents a form of corporate attire that employees do not necessarily wear daily. This type of clothing serves as a presentation tool for the company to the outside world. Examples include dress shirts and polos for trade shows or hoodies and softshells for the entire company as part of a Christmas package or during a company outing. This clothing does not need to meet specific legal requirements and primarily aims to enhance the company's image.


Merchandise clothing includes a variety of branded apparel items designed for promotional purposes and to enhance brand visibility. Unlike corporate identity clothing, merchandise clothing is often sold or given away to customers, fans, or employees to promote the brand. Examples include t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and jackets featuring the company's logo or branding. This type of clothing does not need to comply with specific legal standards and is primarily intended to strengthen brand recognition and loyalty.


Protective workwear is designed to meet specific safety standards tailored to the risks employees face in their work environment. These requirements may include visibility, flame resistance, or antistatic properties, among others. It is crucial that this workwear meets the appropriate standards to ensure worker safety.

Core business

Specializes in designing and producing custom-made workwear, corporate identity clothing, and certified sustainable workwear.

Quality and Customization

Offers high-quality, comfortable workwear tailored to customer needs, including protection against workplace hazards.

Global Production

Boasts broad geographical coverage with production facilities in Europe, Turkey, and the Far East.

Sustainability and Quality Control

Emphasizes sustainable alternatives, close monitoring of the production process, and extensive testing of materials and accessories for quality assurance.

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